Apr 27, 2012

Design a beauty salon and spa with chatty customers and plenty of bits and pieces. www.hairsalonmaker.com

Store Maker

You're opening a new store at the mall but you need to decorate and get it ready! www.thedressupworld.com/store/

Goodgame Fashion

Run your own fashion store with workers who make the clothes and other who sell them! Be careful of spending your gold buttons too quickly! www.goodgamestudios.com/fashion/

iDressup iZone

Make your own avatar, buy great clothes to wear, talk to friends, write blogs and vote for other members! www.i-dressup.com

Apr 24, 2012

Luxury Bathroom Maker

Create a luxurious bathroom with fancy decorations. You can use this to make a cute spa for kids! www.bathroommaker.com

Mini Room Maker

Decorate a room and choose cute little people and critters to live in it. You can make anything with this one! www.miniroommaker.com/rooms.html

Creature Breeder

Cute! You can't dress the creatures but you can buy stuff for your farm and arrange it, lots of fun! www.creaturebreeder.com