Oct 31, 2012

dPals World

Dress up your dPal, explore the world and chat with other dPals! www.dpals.com

Nickelodeon Club

Online club for Nickelodeon fans with rooms to decorate and avatars to dress up! www.nick.com/club/

May 9, 2012

Student Survivor

Two games where your goal is to create a student and keep him or her alive and happy! You have to register if you want to save your game. www.studentsurvivor.org.uk

Animal Jam

Customize your animal and explore the lands of Jamaa! Use the gems you earn to buy accessories for your animal and her den! www.animaljam.com


Build your character and battle monsters, find treasure, and much more! Even if you're not that into dragons, it's really fun and funny! www.dragonfable.com

Apr 27, 2012

Design a beauty salon and spa with chatty customers and plenty of bits and pieces. www.hairsalonmaker.com

Store Maker

You're opening a new store at the mall but you need to decorate and get it ready! www.thedressupworld.com/store/