Feb 27, 2012

Girls and Boys Room Maker

Create two rooms full of cool stuff, one for girls and one for boys! www.decoratormaker.com/boysgirls/deco.html

Kitchen Maker

Design a cute kitchen using plenty of furniture, decorative items and food! www.gamesbloom.com/kitchen.html


Create a WeeMee avatar and have fun with her in WeeWorld! www.weeworld.com


A large community where you design your own avatar, dress it up and design your home. Go to the public spaces to hang out and chat with other users! www.smallworlds.com

Feb 10, 2012

Decorator Maker

The best part of this home decorating game is how many parts you can play with, from furniture to pets, there's plenty to choose from! www.decoratormaker.com

Bathroom Maker

Try your hands at designing your dream bathroom.  www.gamesbloom.com/bathroom.html


A large website with lots of fun dress-up and makeover activities to do, I recommend starting with exploring My Boutiques, Fashion Ave and Salon! www.girlsense.com/premium

Pixie Hollow

Start by creating your own fairy, decorate her house and have fun with the other fairies! http://pixiehollow.go.com

Diva Chix

Dress and style your own diva, battle against other divas and have lots of fun! www.divachix.com


Very realistic horse and pony breeding game. There is no dress-up game as such, but if you take good care of your horse you can eventually saddle her up! www.howrse.com

Feb 9, 2012

Pony Academy

Dress, feed, wash and take good care of your poney. The more your play, the more your poney can do! http://en.poney-academy.com


Play games and hang out while you learn to manage money. But be careful, just like in real life you can run out! www.minyanland.com

Moshi Monsters

The least frightening monsters I've ever seen! Dress them, feed them and decorate their rooms! www.moshimonsters.com

Zwinky Cuties

Dress you Zwinky Cutie, chat, make friends and play games! Cute graphics and fun games but the free account is very limited. www.zwinkycuties.com